• T-Shirts: There are some great companies that help design shirts for your cause! Check out Bonfire or Fund the Nations.

  • Bake Sale: This is an oldie but a goodie! If it’s your jam, see if there’s a place you can set up a table at an event or after a service. You could even post about it on social media and mail or hand-deliver your goods to people who are interested. Announce that all proceeds will go towards your goal.

  • Social Media: Make a Facebook post or Instagram story explaining your trip and why you’re excited for it. Then ask people if you can Venmo request them an amount, like $10. It takes the work out of it for them, and while it’s a small amount, it adds up!

  • Adopt a Box! Use our Adopt a Box graphic to ask social media for help. Each box equals a dollar amount, ie Box #1=$1, Box #17=$17, and so on. When people reply that they want a box, send a follow up text or message telling them the ways they can donate (our website, venmo, sending a check, etc.). Post updates occasionally, showing what boxes are still available. If you fill all boxes 1-50, the total dollar amount raised is $1,275!

  • Do you have other ideas? Send them to us and we’ll add them here!

Fundraising Texts/Blurbs

These are meant to be used for quick asks, such as text or Facebook message.

Hey! If you haven’t heard yet, I’m heading to ______ with Kaleidoscope next month/week! I’ll be traveling with a team to _____ where we’ll be working with kids who are growing up between multiple cultures. We’ll spend a week mentoring them and helping them discover unique belonging and navigate belonging. Sounds like something we all need more of! I wanted to tell you because ______. Would you consider joining my support community by praying for our team or giving financially? I have _______ left to raise, and if ___ people donate $10 I can get there!

You may have seen me posting about it already, but I wanted to tell you more about my trip to ______ with Kaleidoscope. I’m excited to mentor kids/teens who are growing up overseas as they discover their unique identities and navigate belonging. I thought of you because of your interest/experience in _______. Any tips for me?

Full disclosure, I’m raising money for an upcoming mission trip! I’m _______ away from my goal and if ____ people donate $10 I’ll get there! You’re one of the people that came to mind because _____ (you’re interested in working with kids too/as a missionary parent you get how big this need is/you’ve been supportive and encouraging in so many ways/etc) Would you consider being one of those 10 to give $_____?

Include the link for easy giving. For smaller, quicker asks follow up with a Venmo request rather than sharing the donate information.