Here is your fundraising pep talk: fundraising sucks. We all agree. However, we believe you can do it. We believe that what we do is a valuable service that encourages and strengthens missionary families in the midst of intense ministry. God continually shows up for this organization by providing team members and funding for them. We have zero doubts that it will be any different for you. This is a unique ministry model, and we have found that people are excited to get involved in the support of global missions if given the chance. Don’t hesitate to ask us all of your questions. Check out the video below and the side bar for more tools!

Here are a few things to know about making donations:

1. Kaleidoscope is a registered non-profit organization. This means any donation made is tax deductible.

2. Donors can write a check to Kaleidoscope and mail it to P.O. Box 1520 New York, NY 10021. Please include a separate note designating who the donation is for.

3. Donors can also visit Make sure to add a note or comment designating who the donation is for.

4. Please be aware that Kaleidoscope is charged a small fee for every donation made through our website. For example if a friend donates $100 towards your trip, our website host will keep 2.9% of that. Therefore you will receive $96.80. There is no fee for processing a written check.

5. If you raise an amount that exceeds the cost of the trip you can be reimbursed for personal travel expenses such as travel to New York, taxis, luggage fees, etc. However, you MUST provide a receipt for reimbursement! Legally, we are not allowed to reimburse personal travel expenses without proof of purchase.