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I am colorful


Supplies Needed: Venn diagrams, Pens, Paper, Magazine cutouts

  1. Novas will create a Venn diagram representing their own lives and what makes them TCKs. Use printed Venn diagrams. Label one side, passport country and the other host country. Label the middle section TCK.

  2. Prompt Novas to share what are some cultural things that belong to their host country and things that belong to their passport country. For example, how do they greet people (do they shake hands, kiss on the cheek, etc.)? Write on Venn Diagram.

  3. Instruct Novas to fill in their own personal stories using the Venn Diagram in their journals. They may use words, drawings, magazine cut outs, etc.

  4. Optional alteration: If you have a talkative group that would appreciate something a little more hands on, use molding clay. Give everyone red clay and talk about discuss cultural things that belong to their host country. Do the same when given yellow clay by discussing things that belong to their passport country. Instruct them to mix the two together while discussing cultural part that they have infused together from both culture. After this discussion time, instruct them to mold the clay into a self-portrait. This can be literal or figurative. They can mold a boy that looks like them or something that they strongly identify with like a sailboat, soccer ball, cross, etc.