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I am colorful


Supplies Needed: Manila envelope, all the printed journal sheets plus extra cardstock, needle, thread, small hole puncher, modge-podge, hot glue gun, magazines, stencils, and other decorating materials

Journals can be mini representations of who we are at a certain time in our lives and our unique identities. This specific activity is designed to encourage emotional and spiritual growth. Instruct Novas to use cover to describe where they are “right now:” words, pictures, colors to communicate who and where you are right now.

  • Begin creating the journals by arranging the cardstock, folding them, punch holes, and sewing them together.

  • Fold all the sheets of paper in half. Use a ruler to press the folds.

  • Stack your pages together and clip them in place with the manila envelope using binder clips or paper clips

  • Use the ruler to mark in the centerfold, where to poke holes. Starting at the top, mark at 2.5 inches, 4.5 inches, and at the 6.5 inch mark.

  • Using the mini hole puncher, punch one hole on each mark. You should have three holes, all 2.5 inches apart.

  • Cut thread that is about 25 inches or longer and attach it to your needle.

  • Start on the inside of the journal, poke your need through the middle hole. Pull tight.

  • Thread the needle through the top hole and then thread it through the middle hole again. Pull tight.

  • Thread the needle through the bottom hole and then thread it through the middle hole again. Pull tight.

  • From the outside, go through the middle hole again, pull tight and tie it off.


  1. Grab your active Novas and go for a walk. While you are walking, keep an eye out for good walking sticks for the Novas to carve. Be sure to explain that these walking sticks need to be a reasonable size so they can fit it in their suitcase. Anywhere from 1-2 feet is okay. (NOTE: if you are not in a place to pick out sticks, still go for a hike and at the top, hand out walking sticks that we provide)

  2. As you are walking, discuss what you learned during Teach and Apply

  3. If there is time after the hike, begin brainstorming designs, words, lyrics, etc. that you want to put on your walking stick. If you start to decorate, see day 2 for further instructions.