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Supplies Needed: Venn diagrams, Blue, yellow, and green markers

  1. Instruct Novas to define TCK in their own words.

    1. “What’s the difference between the way you’ve grown up and the way your cousins/parents/neighbors grew up?”

    2. “How many countries have you grown up in?”

    3. “What’s the difference between living somewhere as a child and as an adult?”

  2. Develop a group definition. A group definition should draw from everyone’s answers to include a person, a period of time, and a place.

  3. As a group, draw or write a Venn diagram that shows what makes someone a TCK. Ask Novas to come up with examples of two cultures that they belonged to. Color-code the Venn diagram with one side being yellow, one side being blue, and the middle green.

    1. Blue represents passport country (i.e. the US, Korea, England).

    2. Yellow represents host culture (i.e. the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand).

    3. Green is the TCK-specific culture, the center of the Venn diagram.

  4. Ask the Novas to think of other people they know who are TCKs.