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My Story matters


Supplies List: Example Kaleider timeline, Blank/long paper, Pens, Markers, Craft supplies

  1. Show (don’t present) example Kaleider timeline.

  2. Read through discussion questions as a group.

  3. Discuss different options for creative expression of their stories.

  4. Instruct Novas to select a 2-year time frame to share.

  5. Distribute blank paper and long paper.

  6. Set out craft supplies on table.

  7. Provide sufficient time for everyone to process in their journals and create their visual aids (perhaps through lunch).

NOTE: Every Nova has a story even if they don’t think that is the case. Everyone has had a fight with a friend, a struggle at home or school and everyone has had incredibly great moments. Encourage them to share these things.


  1. What’s a significant or important time in the last year?

  2. What’s a time that you felt really happy?

  3. What’s a time that you felt really sad or hurt?

  4. What was your favorite thing you did this year?

  5. What do you wish had gone differently this year?

  6. What are you most grateful for this year?

  7. What’s a time you relied on God this year?

  8. What’s a time you felt alone this year?