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my feelings matter


Supplies needed: discussion guide, quiet and comfortable space, bucket for phones, your listening ears

Today’s lesson is all about listening. This is their time to tell their story. First of all, give

everyone the option to share their story in the group all together or privately with you and

another Kaleider/friend/etc. (at least two other people). At least one Kaleider must be

present. The point is for them to feel safe, loved, valued, and heard, not to perform, have

a happy ending, have the right answers, receive feedback or advice—simply to tell their

stories and listen well.

QUICKLY review (2-3 minutes) active listening from beginning. Remind everyone that

their stories are going to be kept confidential unless if they are a harm to themselves or

others (i.e. self-harm, thoughts of suicide, eating disorders, abusive situations).

  1. Provided the option to share as a whole group or in groups of 2-3. Split into boys and girls per leader’s discretion.

  2. Each Nova gets the opportunity to present for as long or short as they’d like.

  3. Choose/volunteer one Nova to pray for each one who shares.

  4. This is a time to respect and value one another. Put phones in a bucket off to the

  5. side, especially Kaleiders.

  6. We recommend taking brief notes or immediately following every Nova’s story.

  7. Remind the Novas that this is a safe space, answers are confidential here. Remind them they don’t need to share them outside the group. If they do share about something that is harmful to them or themselves, we need to tell someone else. (i.e. self-harm, thoughts of suicide, eating disorders, abusive situations, etc.)

Discussion guide:

  1. 1. What’s a significant or important time in the last year?

  2. What’s a time that you felt really happy?

  3. What’s a time that you felt really sad or hurt?

  4. What was your favorite thing you did this year?

  5. What do you wish had gone differently this year?

  6. What are you most grateful for this year?

  7. What’s a time you relied on God this year?

  8. What’s a time you felt alone this year?

  9. How does this activity encourage emotional and spiritual growth?