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I am Homeful


Supplies: DBT house sheets, pens/pencils, hole punch

Home can move. Home can be a place, person or thing. You can have multiple homes at once. That is something that makes a TCK unique. (Kaleiders can fill in their DBT house sheets at the same time as the Novas.)

  1. Distribute DBT House sheets.

  2. Go over the pages together and give the following instructions.

  3. Fill in each section as instructed, taking time to really think.

  4. Foundation: write values that govern your life.

    1. Ex. faith, caring for others, honesty, etc.

  5. Door: what is something that not a lot of people know about you?

    1. Ex. I talk negatively to myself, I secretly love Justin Bieber.

  6. Wall: write anything or anyone who supports you.

    1. Ex. My dad, my teacher, my friend, Bob.

  7. Billboard: what are some things you are proud of?

    1. Ex. I got MVP on my soccer team, I graduated high school

  8. Roof: write people or things that protect you.

    1. Ex. My girlfriend, dad, dog, my house

  9. Let the Novas share if they’d like, but they are not required to.

  10. Distribute one clear ornament to each Nova.

  11. Fold the DBT sheet into an origami house.

  12. Punch a hole in the roof of the origami house and set aside for later.