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I am Homeful


Supplies: DBT House pages, pens, pencils, their journals or Bibles if they want

  1. Take the Novas outside or to a different space than your room.

  2. Sit around and discuss the following (add more as you see fit):

    1. How many places have you lived?

    2. What is something you remember most about each place?

    3. When is a time that you felt like you belonged? Who or what made you feel this way?

    4. When is a time when you felt like you stuck out?

    5. What do you think about when you hear “you are homeful” or “I am homeful”?

  3. Write down the Novas’ answers to what they think about the word homeful. As a group, come up with your own definition of “homeful.”

  4. Tell the Novas they are homeful because they can be at home wherever they are. TCKs have a unique ability to adapt and adjust to their surroundings and choose to find home in different places.

  5. On the back of their DBT houses, ask each Nova to write down their definition of homeful, whether it’s the one the group created, or one they came up with on their own.