Training Videos

These videos are mandatory for you to watch all the way through before you get to the conference. They are tools to help you have the best Kaleider experience possible. Below each video is a PDF of the notes, you may use them as you desire. There is also a quiz that you need to complete for each video. Your Conference Coordinator will let you know if you have not completed the quizes.



This video gives you insight into our unique, original currciulum. You can use the curriculum portal as notes for this section.


the 3P’s

Be Professional, Present, and Prepared. This video explains practical ways to practice each of the 3P’s.


Child Safety

Child Safety is our number one priority, therefore this is the most important video. Please make sure you watch it all the way through. Notes for this can be found on the Child Safety Page.


Bonus: Fundraising!

Here are a few tips to help you get started fundraising for your trip! You can also get more info on the Fundraising Page.