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I am colorful

cookie decorating

Supplies Needed: 6 cups for mixing, 6 spoons, Plain sugar cookies for decorating (enough for everyone–Ways decorate cookies for snack time for everyone), food coloring, Icing, Dixie cups/plate, Plastic knives for spreading, Wipes/napkins, and Sprinkles

  1. Allow the Ways to help you make the icing. Make sure to make blue, yellow, purple, green, pink/orange, and red.

  2. Have the leader of teaching time demonstrate decorating their own cookie using the following colors to demonstrate how colorful they are.

  3. Go through the colors and assign something that represents each. See list below for our suggestions.

    1. Blue- Family

    2. Yellow- people/places/things that make us happy

    3. Purple- things that hurt

    4. Green- TCK part (this one must remain green)

    5. Friends- Pink

    6. Red- Jesus and His love for us

  4. Distribute one cookie per Way and explain that this cookie represents them.

  5. Instruct Ways to section our parts of the cookies and add all the colors represented in their lives.

  6. Onces the cookies are done being iced, instruct a Kaleider to take their pointer finger and put it in the middle of the cookie, then begin to swirl the icing around. Careful to not mix the colors together completely. Instruct the Ways to do the same.

  7. Explain that you are swirling it around because these things are all mixed in our lives.

  8. After they are done mixing, ask if they can give you the yellow, red, green, etc icing back so you can put it away.

  9. When they look confused, explain that you can’t separate the red from these colors because they are a part of you.

  10. Discuss:

    1. How do our cookies look the same?

    2. How do our cookies look different?

    3. Say: “We are all so colorful but in different ways No one’s cookies look exactly the same! This is just like all of you! All our lives and experiences look different to us even if we are in the same family!”

  11. After discussion, with remaining time, allow Ways to decorate enough cookies for snack time for everyone.