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My Feelings Matter

Colored Sand Story Tubes

Supplies Needed: Glass tubes, Corks, String, Timelines, Sand, Funnel

  1. Distribute one glass tube, one cork, string, and their timelines to each Way.

  2. Explain which emotion each color of sand represents.

  3. Set out sands and funnel on table.

  4. Assist Ways in pouring sands into tubes according to their timelines. (Fill them as full as possible so they don’t mix together!)

  5. If necessary, glue the corks into the tubes to secure.

  6. Help Ways tie string around the tubes to make necklaces, keychains, etc.

  7. Allow each Way to present part or all of their tubes, feelings, and the events that occurred.

Note: If necessary based on size of the group and time, break into smaller groups based on age or gender for sharing.