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I am Homeful


Supplies Needed: Notecards, Markers

  1. Instruct Ways to cut out notecards from template provided. Instruct kids to write Psalms 100:3 on a notecard (be creative!) and put it in their boxes.

  2. Follow prompts on cards using words or drawings to show something or someone that makes you feel safe, special and a person, place, or thing that makes you feel safe, special, or that you go to for help.

  3. Go around the room and let everyone share what they wrote on their cards

  4. Put the cards in their boxes

NOTE: Ask if they want to share. They might want to keep some things private. That’s okay. Remind Ways that this sharing space is respectful and loving. Everyone has a different story and different experiences. We are here to listen, not laugh or tease.