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I am Colorful Day

Objective: To have all the Womples understand that they are colorful because of all the colors that make them uniquely them.

Swirly by Sara Saunders


This book is a tool to help the Womples become more aware of their cultural diversity and recognize that they belong in Christ Jesus, who is also swirly, which is another word for colorful.


Lila is born in Blue Country, but moves with her parents to the Yellow Country when she is a little girl. As she gets older she discovers that she isn’t all blue—she has swirls of yellow from growing up in the Yellow Country. Lila isn’t like her yellow friends or her blue cousins, so she feels as though she doesn’t fit in anywhere. But when she meets another swirly kid and his swirly mom, she finds out that she does belong somewhere...with a very special swirly Someone.

Discussion Questions

  1. What happened after Lila lived in the Yellow country for a while? What happened when she lived in Red country?

  2. How did Lila feel after moving?

  3. What made Lila feel this way?

  4. Have you ever felt this way and what made you feel that way?

  5. Who did she meet in the Red country and how did he make her feel?

  6. What did Deji’s mom tell Lila at the end of the book?

  7. Remind the kids that they are colorful because of the colors that make them uniquely them.