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My Story matters

My Story Book Pages

Supplies needed: Story books, crayons, and pencils.


Make the story books:

  1. Take 3 brown paper bags and fold them in half so they make a square (a hamburger bun, not a hotdog bun)

  2. Using a hole puncher, make 2 holes, one at the top and one at the bottom on the folded edge

  3. Take 2 pieces of yard, one for each hole, and tie the bags together.

  4. Make sure you have enough books for all the Womples.

  5. Make your own story book as an example to show.

With the Womples:

  1. Show the Womples your story book.

  2. Ask the Womples to think about their stories and remember the two things they told you during Teach.

  3. Instruct the kids to start drawing or writing different parts of their story. *NOTE: Womples stories may not be a linear timeline, but rather random parts of their life. Examples: one page could be about their family, another about their host country, another about their school, favorite activities etc. Provide these prompts if Womples seem stuck. Otherwise, allow them the space to tell their story however they choose.

  4. Inform the Womples that they will have time to decorate their covers later in the day with fun materials.

  5. When everyone is done go outside to run around and get rid of extra energy.

  6. When everyone gets their wiggles out and heads are clear, have a Kaleider share their story and encourage Womples to share theirs as well if they want.