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My Feelings Matter

All My Faces

SUPPLIES Needed: Face templates, googly eyes, yarn, glue, pom-poms, markers/color pencils, and glitter.

  1. Present Kaleider example.

  2. Distribute one Face template per Womple.

  3. Instruct Womples to create a face for each emotion; happy, angry, loved and sad.

  4. Instruct Womples to tell a Kaleider something that makes them feel happy, angry, loved and sad. Have the Kaleider write it down.

  5. Supervise drawing and answer questions individually.

  6. When everyone is done go outside to run around and get rid of extra energy.

  7. When everyone gets their wiggles out and heads are clear, have a Kaleider share their faces and encourage Womples to present their pages one at a time if they want to.

Discussion Questions:

Who made you feel happy/loved/sad/angry?

When did you feel this way?

Why did you feel that way?

What did you do when you felt that way?