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My Goodbyes matter


Supplies: List of affirmations

This activity will be done with all the kids in the conference or only in your Womples group, your Conference Coordinator will let you know before the day begins which we are doing.

  1. Make a circle on the floor and instruct them to sit facing outside the circle. Play instrumental music to help cover sounds.

  2. Select a Kaleider to be the one to read off the list of affirmations. They will then be the one to select which Womples start in the middle.

  3. That Kaleider is to select 2-3 Womples. Explain that if you get touched this first time by the Kaleider, then you are to stand in the middle of the circle.

  4. Instruct everyone that is sitting down to close their eyes and keep them closed or to find a point at the ground right in front of their knees and don’t look up. The Womples standing up are to touch someone (gently) on the head or shoulder if they agree with that statement. Example: Kaleider reads, “Touch someone who made you smile this week” and the kids are to touch 2-3 people who made them smile

  5. Begin reading the affirmations (read 3-4 per turn). After their turn, instruct the Womples standing up to sit back down. Then select 2-3 more Womples to stand.

  6. Do this until all the Womples (and Kaleiders!) have been in the middle.