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My Goodbyes Matter


Prep: board/oversized notepad and markers

Today you will be explaining to the Womples how to say good goodbyes well and you will be doing this by building (drawing) a ship on the board and by practicing S.H.I.P. itself! Each piece of the ship corresponds to a word in the acronym S.H.I.P.. S - Say Sorry, H - Hugs and Hi - 5s, I - I’ll See You Later, and P - Pack, Plan, and Pray!

The following is what to say:

Say to the Womples “Today is our last day and that we need to say goodbye. Goodbyes can be hard sometimes but they matter. I am going to teach you all a way for us to say good goodbyes so they are not “bad” byes. We are going to do this by building a Ship.”

Ask, the following questions:

    1. Will you help me build the ship?

    2. Have you ever seen a ship?

    3. Where do ships live? Do they live in the air? Do they live on the ground? They live on the water! The first piece we need is water! Here is S! Before you build a ship, you need water. Before we say goodbye, you need to Say Sorry.

S - Say Sorry

Goodbyes matter! to. So, make sure to say sorry before you go! This is the first step to turning a “bad” bye into a good-goodbye!

What do we need first to build a ship? What is at the bottom of a ship? (draw it on the board to give them a hint)

Next, we need the body of the ship. This is H: Hugs and Hi-5s

H - Hugs and Hi - 5s

This is when we give hugs or high fives to our friends. It’s important to tell people how much they mean to you.

Something else the ship needs is a sail. But hold on, first we need something to put the sail on. How about a mast? That is a big wooden pole that holds up the sail. So we need the I. This is for I’ll See You Later.

I - I’ll See You Later

Make sure you say this outloud to people and give them a hug. If someone doesn’t want a hug, give them a high five instead!. We don’t just wave across the room or walk away. Adding a hug or a high five is important to keeping a good-goodbye from being a “bad” bye.

So now that we have our mast, we can put up the sail. The sail is what helps take us to our new place, just like it takes the boat across the water. This is P.

P - Pack, Plan, and Pray

Once you have completed the first three things, then and only then, can you start to think about where you are headed next.

Let’s go over this again, repeat after me! (Repeat this as needed)

S - Say Sorry

H - Hugs and Hi-5s

I - I’ll See You Later

P - Pack, Plan, and Pray

Now lets do it with hand motions!

Together as a group, come up with simple hand motions to help the Womples remember what S.H.I.P. stands for and why it is important!. Use your prepared hand motions to help Womples along.

Repeat in various ways until they can repeat it on their own.

Check out the SHIP Sheets below! *Note: you do not have to print the SHIP diagrams, but you DO need to print the instructions if you want them.