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I am Colorful

The following is a new activity that we have never done before. We would like your feedback as well as feedback from the Novas. Please take note of what areas were unclear, not age appropriate, and what the overall impression was towards the activity.


Supplies: blank paper, pens, muslin cloths, plastic wrap, rubber bands, tie dye  

Preparation: Cut blank paper into even-sided squares. When the Novas are finished brainstorming, they’ll be able to turn them into origami.

Note: Let the Novas know that this creation will be cut into strips and used for something else later.

  1. Pass out blank sheets of paper and pens and ask the Novas to write a list of things that make them colorful and to assign a color to each one, like the Kaleider did during Teach. Examples include their passport countries (blue), host countries (yellow), TCK identities (green), their faith (red), their family (pink), their passion for helping others (orange), etc. They can assign whichever colors they would like.

  2. Pass out one piece of cloth and a piece of plastic wrap to each Nova.

  3. Using the rubber bands, the Novas can tie off sections of their cloths to create patterns. Use the Kaleider t-shirts as examples.

  4. Make sure the Novas put their cloths back on the plastic wrap, then they can start dying. Note: They don’t need to use a lot of dye. A little will go a long way!

  5. Ask them to keep their list of colors in mind as they tie dye their unique cloths.

  6. Once the Novas are finished tie dying, they can remove the rubber bands and lay the cloths flat to dry out. Pro tip: lay them in the sun with a paper towel underneath to help it dry faster.

  7. Give Novas the option to turn their sheet of paper into an origami bird!

  8. Save the Novas’ papers for later in the week.