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I am colorful

The following is a new activity that we have never done before. We would like your feedback as well as feedback from the Novas. Please take note of what areas were unclear, not age appropriate, and what the overall impression was towards the activity.


Supplies: colorful cloths from Apply, hoop, paint, rhinestones, wood burner, other decorating supplies, and key ring

  1. Tell the Novas that over the course of the next few days, they will be making a suncatcher.

  2. Give each Nova an embroidery hoop. This will be the top of their suncatcher.

  3. Cut their colorful cloths from the Apply section lengthwise into three long strips each and set aside.

  4. Encourage the Novas to decorate their hoops however they like. For example, they can paint the hoop, bedazzle it, write song lyrics in the wood using sharpie, use the woodburners on them, etc.

  5. Take a break to get water, play a game, go for a walk, etc. This is a good time for the embroidery hoops to dry, if they need it.

  6. Once their hoops are fully decorated and have dried, tie one end of a strip of cloth around the hoop.

  7. Repeat this step with the other two strips of cloth. Be sure they are evenly spaced around the hoop. (This will be how the suncatcher will hang.)

  8. Tie the opposite ends of each of the three strips of fabric (the ones not connected to the hoop) to the key ring.

  9. Set aside for tomorrow.