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my story matters


Supplies: Kaleider’s prepared stories

Preparation: Take time to prepare a Kaleiders story. While you may have already shared with the team during prep days, make sure it is appropriate to share with the Novas.

Today the Kaleiders will demonstrate telling their own stories. This will set the tone for tomorrow, allow the Novas to trust you, teach them the format we use to share stories, and give them some examples of how they can share their unique stories in creative ways.

When preparing your story, select a one- to two-year period of time. You can use any format to do so. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable; your openness with the Novas will help them reciprocate openness with you. The Novas have an unlimited time period in which to tell their stories. However, when you share your own, it should not exceed 15 minutes.

Before you begin, teach the Novas how to practice active listening. Active listening builds trust, demonstrates respect, and shows the speaker that you want to hear their story. As opposed to passively hearing someone, active listening is a process in which we make a conscious decision to understand what the speaker is saying.

You can practice active listening in non-verbal ways, like

    • Making eye contact

    • Nodding

    • Leaning forward

    • Not distracting from the speaker

As well as verbal ways, like

    • Murmuring

    • Asking good questions

    • Not giving advice