Professor pineapple information

Professor Pineapple is a an outrageous individual. If you are Prof. P, you need to be the most enthusiastic (not necessarily loud and immature, but excitable, playful and fun!) person your have ever been. Use an accent and mispronounce common words. The biggest thing you have to remember is that you are now Professor Pineapple! You are not Frank the Kaleider, or whatever your real name is. Once you put on the wig and glasses, you are now Professor P. This means that you do not know who the kids are or any of your fellow Kaleiders. Ask their name, mispronounce the Kaleiders’ names, etc. When you go back to “being yourself,” you are NOT Prof. Pineapple anymore and have to deny it the rest of the time. You cannot admit that you are him/her. This adds to the fun and lets the kids work hard to try and figure it out!

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read the Script Below for Professor pineapple inspiration!

The following is NOT meant to be a script or something to memorize, but merely inspiration to give you an idea of who Professor Pineapple is. Please be the creative, whacky person you are and enjoy being Prof. P. for a week—you won’t get another chance any time soon!

Professor P: Hello there! My name is Professor Eustace F. Gregoire Belinda Pineapple—but you can just call me Professor Pineapple. Give me a moment as I get myself together. I am so sorry I’m late. (begin complaining/rambling to self loud enough for kids to hear) Security was so long at the airport and then boarding the rocket ship was so complicated because I apparently don’t look like a real person. My mother was right, BUT I’LL NEVER admit that to…no…because if I do, I’ll never hear the end of it! And she will just keep feed me the gross slivlurk (sla-vlerk) she insists on making me. (ask the kids) Have you ever eaten slivlurk?? No? Well it tastes a lot like boogers and the inside of a…(Kaleider interrupts)

Kaleider 1: Ahem, Mr. Pineapple, sir? Didn’t you come here to turn these kids into scientists?

Professor P: What? (snap out of rambling daze) Oh, yes! My apologies.. And it's Professor Pineapple to you! Anyways, where was I…?

Kaleider 2: You were talking about your mother and her slur-vert!

Professor P: (yell in outrage) Ah! Her slivlurk! HOW DISGUSTING!!

Kaleider 1: No! No, no, professor Pineapple! You are here to do science experiments!

Professor P: Oh, right..right. (really see the kids for the first time) Well, hello children! How are you all today? (wait for answer) Oh, good! As I said, my name is Professor Pineapple! I came all the way from Jupiter but I stopped in Bangladesh on my way over. What a fun name! Baaaang….laaa….desssshhh! So fun! It's like a song in one word!

Today I want to tell you a little bit about myself using a science experiment I like to call Anti-gravitational ocular outlandish stuff, or “Agoos” for short!

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