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I am colorful

The following is a new activity that we have never done before. We would like your feedback as well as feedback from the Ways. Please take note of what areas were unclear, not age appropriate, and what the overall impression was towards the activity.


Supplies: paint, paintbrushes, robot blocks, paper plates or paper towels

  1. Pass out four ½-inch blocks and two 1-inch blocks to each Way.

  2. Ask them to pick out 6 colors that could represent different parts of them. Examples: green for their TCK identity, red for their family, purple for their favorite sport, etc.

  3. Instruct the Ways to paint each block one of the colors they picked out. Every block should be a solid color. They won’t mix colors or add designs today. There will be time for that another day.

  4. As they paint, remind them that they are colorful because of all the colors that make them uniquely them!

  5. Allow the Ways time to share what is on their blocks, whether it’s while they are painting or as they are finishing up. Be sure they start their sharing by saying “I am colorful because…”

  6. Set the blocks aside on paper plates or paper towels to dry overnight! We will come back to them tomorrow.