Kaleider Portal_Curriculum Headers-01.png


Supplies: Passport, Globe

Preparation: Have the coffee filter application ready to go: coffee filter, markers, cup of water

  1. Have one leader explain why he or she is a TCK, using only two countries. If none of the Kaleiders are TCKs, read Swirly by Sara Saunders and use Lila’s example.

  2. Use a passport as a prop to show one country, and the globe to show the host country. 

  3. Ask all the Ways whether they are TCKs.

  4. Ask what their two countries are. NOTE: some Ways might mention many countries. Using open-ended questions, try to figure out together what their two (or three) main countries are.

  5. Use the coffee filter application (as seen in Apply) to demonstrate the Kaleider’s or Lila’s story.

  6. After adding in blue (to represent passport country), yellow (to represent host country), and green (to represent the combination of the two), be sure to state “I am a TCK but there is something you should know. I am am so much more than a just a TCK. I am a friend, a sister, a soccer player, a Christian,....” use different colors to represent different parts of your/Lila’s identity.

  7. Remind them that they are colorful because of all the colors that make them uniquely them.

  8. Optional: Read the book I am Colorful (Chameleon Book) or Swirly.