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My Story matters


Supplies: Roll of paper, pencils, crayons, scissors, LOTS OF SPACE!!!

Preparation: Cut 6-foot sheets of the paper roll, enough for all the Ways to have one.

  1. Remind the kids of the book, and ask them to think of their life stories. What are some events or things they want to highlight?

  2. Give each of the Ways a piece of 6 foot paper and have them spread out. Instruct them to draw a winding path down the middle of their paper.

  3. Ask the Ways to pick one end of their path to be the beginning, and draw or write something to indicate that is the beginning.  The other end of the paper will be the end of their stories, or present day.

  4. Instruct them to draw or write 4-5 different events or important things on either side of the winding path in order from beginning to end.

  5. Have them each share their paths, reminding them that their stories matter because no one has a story exactly like theirs.