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My feelings matter

The following is a new activity that we have never done before. We would like your feedback as well as feedback from the Ways. Please take note of what areas were unclear, not age appropriate, and what the overall impression was towards the activity.


Supplies: fine tipped sharpies, googly eyes, glue, glitter, paper, and sharpies

  1. Instruct the Ways to think of four different emotions they want to use on the four sides robot’s head block. (If they don’t want to do four, they can just choose one).

  2. Using one of the 1-inch blocks they painted on Colorful day, they can start creating their faces using markers on the 4 sides that do NOT have the holes.

  3. Encourage them to include eyebrows, eyes, mouths, noses, and anything else to help determine the facial expression.

  4. As they are drawing and creating their faces, ask them to demonstrate different emotions. Remind them that their feelings matter, no matter what!

  5. Have the Ways set their block heads back to the side when they are finished.