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I am Homeful

The following is a new activity that we have never done before. We would like your feedback as well as feedback from the Ways. Please take note of what areas were unclear, not age appropriate, and what the overall impression was towards the activity.


Supplies: felt fabric, scissors, yarn, glue, paper, markers, paint, paintbrushes, glitter, rhinestones, and any other desired decorating materials.

  1. Now that the robots are assembled, they are ready for some personal touches.

  2. Explain to the Ways that we are going to help their robots feel homeful.

  3. Encourage the Ways to think about things that make them feel at home. What are some accessories they could add to their robots that represent them feeling at home?

  4. Lay out materials and encourage the Ways to get creative. For example, use the yarn as hair, cut out some cloth to create a cape or apron, use paper to make a shrink ray gun, make a soccer ball out of materials, etc.

  5. Once the Ways are finished decorating, ask for volunteers to share what they added to their robots. What “homeful” things did they add? Why does each piece make them feel homeful wherever they are?

  6. Remind the Ways that they are homeful because they can feel at home wherever they are.