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I am Homeful

A Home For Little Turtle by Ariane Chottin.


This book is a great analogy to help teach our Ways that everyone’s home is different, special, and can move with you. Most of all, this story communicates that TCKs are not homeless but homeful because they can find that sense of belonging where ever they are!  The life of a TCK is a gift and it is our goal to make sure we communicate that.


This book is about a little turtle’s journey to find a real home—one that is better than hers. Along the way, she meets several animals, but in the end she meets a very special animal who gives her a new perspective on home.

Discussion Questions

  1. What was Little Turtle looking for?

  2. What kinds of animals did Little Turtle meet? Where did these animals live?

  3. How did Little Turtle feel when she couldn’t find a home?

  4. Have you ever felt this way?

  5. Who did Little Turtle meet at the very end? What did the Snail teach her?

  6. If you met the Snail, what would she tell you?

  7. What is one thing that makes you feel at home in any place? What is one piece of your turtle shell?

  8. Explain that when someone is homeful that means that they can find a place to belong and be at home wherever they are.

  9. Ask the the Ways how they can be homeful like Little Turtle?