Impact a third culture kid’s life

Whether you’re a TCK who understands the challenges of that name or you’re looking for a community to dive into, you can make a difference in the lives of TCKs all over the world! Come join us for an adventure. Meet new friends, eat amazing food, and be ready for all the coffee. You don’t have to be a TCK to apply. And we accept non-coffee drinkers too ;)  What are you waiting for? Find a Trip to join!

First time Kaleider:

  1. Start by filling out this form and let us know a little bit about you.

  2. After we check in with your references and run your background check, one of our amazing Conference Coordinators will contact you for an interview so we can ask you all the tough what’s the grossest food you’ve ever eaten!?

  3. If you’re offered a spot on the Kaleider Team you applied to, the final step is to sign your Kaleider Kontract and submit a security deposit to let us know you’re committed to your place on the team.

  4. Once you’re accepted you will get access to our Kaleider Portal where you’ll be able to find lots of great information and resources about fundraising, the conference curriculum and anything else you need to start your adventure and impact kids growing up in different cultures!

Been here before?

  1. Fill out this Returning Kaleider Application.

  2. Your Conference Coordinator will be in touch with how to move forward.

Been there, done that?

Take the next step in your leadership journey: Become an Intern!

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