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 The International Therapist Directory - An online listing of professional mental health therapists familiar with the Third Culture Kid and international expatriate experiences.


Taking Route - Experience this online community directed at adults living overseas and parents of TCKs that includes fun recipes, parenting blogs, travel experiences and more. It’s one of our very favorite comprehensive websites for third-culture families.

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Velvet Ashes - Velvet Ashes is here to connect the hearts of women who are separated by geography but bound together by the life of serving overseas.

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When You're A Third Culture Kid - WYATCK is a hysterical, but occasionally less than appropriate, gif-heavy site with plenty of relatable, laugh-out-loud moments for TCKs of a certain age. #relatable.

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The Michele Phoenix Blog - Michele is the most avid TCK writer on the interwebs. Her works of fiction address real-life tough issues for global families, usually those working in missions as well. Her blog is a safe space for TCKs asking tough questions and parents looking for tough answers.


Buzzfeed - They are blessed with a very diverse group of staff writers and contributors, and lucky for us (and you), that includes TCKs! These are just a few to start you down the rabbit hole:

26 Decisions That Are Difficult For TCKs

13 Signs You Moved Around A Lot Growing Up

22 Signs You Were An International School Kid