Jessi : CEO and Founder

Growing up in Uzbekistan, Jessi was struck by the need for people in her life who understood what she was going through. She graduated from Hope International University with a desire to help families just like hers who were spending their most formative years between cultures—and voila, Kaleidoscope was born! She channels all of her creative energy into new and exciting ways to engage TCKs, wherever they are in the world. Read her first-ever newsletter, about finding home in a new place, New York City, here!



Grace : assistant director

Grace knows what a life lived in transition feels like. Spending her childhood in the Philippines and Colorado, she has experienced the joy and sorrow of calling many places “home.” Acting as Jessi’s right-hand woman, Grace communicates Kaleidoscope’s vision and dreams up new ways of walking alongside your TCKs. When she isn’t working at a conference or visiting one of her “homes,” Grace spends her free days at her house north of Boston.



Kim : Graphic Designer

Kim has been with Kaleidoscope since day one, and you can see this in the visuals she creates that are so aligned with our vision for TCKs, it seems like we’ve thought them right onto the page. She takes our crazy ideas and mountains of information and turns them into a glittering mirage you can’t stop looking at.



Alex : conference administrator

Alex’s attention to detail means you can rest assured that your kids will be in the very best hands with us. She is a born and bred Michigander who loves showing die-hard TCKs that Americans can be just as weird as they are! She firmly believes that coffee speaks the same language no matter where you’re from.


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