Jessi : director

After graduating from Hope International University with a specialized degree in TCKs, the only thing left for Jessi to do was start her own organization. A true Jackie-of-all-trades, she keeps every facet of Kaleidoscope running smoothly: from coordinating seamless programs to managing her delightful team to planning the best for Kaleidoscope’s future. When not busy explaining what a “TCK” is, she can be found at the nearest coffee shop. Or airport. Check out her first ever newsletter here!



Grace : assistant director

Grace acts as Jessi’s right-hand woman. She graduated from Notre Dame in 2013, where she studied language. She helps the team communicate their brilliant ideas as effectively as possible, runs conferences, and wants to get to know you if you share Kaleidoscope’s vision. Grace has spent her life between the Philippines, US, France, and Korea. She’s currently enjoying living in Colorado with most of her family and adventuring with her van, Benji, when she gets the chance. Read about her Kaleidoscope journey here.



Sarah : Lead creative developer

Sarah believes that “the creative adult is the child who survived.” Her heart’s passion is to help kids live healthier lives, which is why she is so in love with her work at Kaleidoscope. Sarah cultivates our original and interactive rockstar curriculum, designs new and exciting materials, and helps coordinate conferences. Learn about her passion for Kaleidoscope here.



Kim : Senior Designer

Kim is our precious, pint-sized, powerhouse graphic designer. She’s been with Jessi since day one, and this fact is evidenced by the work she turns out that is so aligned with our vision, it seems like we’ve thought it right onto the page. She takes our crazy ideas and mountains of information and turns them into a glittering mirage that you can’t stop looking at. 



Alex : conference administrator

Alex’s title could also be “Professional Life and Sanity Saver.” Alex brings her brain for detail to the rescue on a daily basis. Now, people get their airplane tickets on time and under their correct names! Not to mention, kids and Kaleiders alike love hanging out with her when she helps coordinate and lead conferences!