Spring Scope 2016

What's a Scope? It's Kaleidoscope's semiannual newsletter to give you a glimpse (or a "scope") of our ministry updates & happenings for the season. We're so excited to share what's going on with you!

Ministry Summary

  • Kaleidoscope's focus is providing intentional and engaging programs for kids and teenagers at missions conferences worldwide.

  • This spring, we put on 5 events in 3 different countries (4 if you consider Missouri a foreign culture–after two weeks there, we do).

  • We traveled to Lee's Summit, MO; Orlando, FL; Chiang Mai, Thailand; and Athens, Greece.

  • We partnered with New Mission Systems International, YWAM, Christian Missionary Fellowship International, and OMF.

  • We taught 75 TCKs and trained 26 Kaleiders.

Milestones & Announcements

  • We have done more TCK events in the past 5 months than we did in all of 2015!

  • We launched our blog, Kaleiders & Scopes.

  • We created our own Facebook page.

  • We are officially a non-profit organization!

Meet A Kaleider: Amy P.

     Amy and Kaleidoscope have a long history. She grew up in Kazakhstan and moved to Sydney for "uni." In 2008 Jessi helped at a YWAM retreat in Central Asia. This conference kick-started the vision of what Kaleidoscope is now. Amy attended that conference as a teenager. Eight years later, she joined Kaleidoscope in Chiang Mai as a TCK leader, affectionately called a "Kaleider."

     "After leaving Almaty, Kazakhstan six years ago, I have never had a chance to revisit the Central Asian mountain-framed city that was 'home' for 17 years. The fact that a return trip from Sydney to Almaty is close to $2000 is just one of the reasons. Having said that, if you're a TCK or a well-traveled soul, you're clued in enough to know that the feeling of 'home' is not always brought on by arriving at a specific destination. That sense we call 'home' can be ignited by the most surprising things (random smells are my favourite). We TCKs think we've figured out what every single 'home' trigger could be. After resettling somewhere else, we start to think we don't really need those feelings anymore.

     However, when I spent a week serving with Kaleidoscope, the unexpected feeling hit again, deep and warm in my soul all week. I found myself knee deep in purpose, belonging, and home as I helped lead this vibrant, fun, and meaningFULL program for TCKs 10 years behind me on the never-ending TCK journey."

     Amy is the co-author of Top 10 Reasons to Date a TCK. 

Pleases & Thank You's

  • We aim to grow our budget enough to bring on a full-time staff member at the beginning of 2017.

  • We were officially granted nonprofit 501(c)3 status by the US government!

  • We are currently seeking housing options in NYC for our Autumn interns. (We have interns! That's another BIG "thank you!")

  • Sarah Goll joined our summer staff as curriculum developer. We are so excited to welcome her!

A Note from Jessi

     Wow! I can hardly keep up with everything that's been happening! Every time I turn around I hear myself saying, "Don't listen to me! I have no idea what I'm doing!" Sometimes it really feels like that. As exciting and thrilling as it is to see Kaleidoscope grow, it is also terrifying. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the fact that I am doing this alone. When it comes down to it, I have to make the hard decisions, keep to the schedule and the budget, and worry about taxes. When I was a little high-schooler thinking of starting a ministry, that dream included a partner. (If I'm being totally honest, I pictured a hunky, TCK-loving Prince Charming). The reality is a little less rom-com and a little more Disney Channel (complete with the "Hey Jessie" soundtrack every time I walk in a room). Yet in the midst of the chaotic travel schedule and the frustrations with financial institutions, I am acutely aware of God's perfect guidance and direction. Bottom line: in the past few months, I have vividly grasped how “un-alone" I really am. Besides Jesus' constant presence and comforting peace, I have an amazing team that keeps me sane on a daily basis, and I have worked with the best TCK volunteer teams in THE. ENTIRE. WORLD. (You are all my favorites.)

     Maybe I've said it before, but I love my job.

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