The 8 People You Meet At A Kaleidoscope Conference

At every conference, you'll meet at least one version of all of these people. We promise we love them all equally. 

1. The basic white girl

    There's always that one little 4-year old with golden curls who's completely adorable, has the cutest name ever, and is also usually secretly hilarious, coming out with one-liners like, "I don't think this is going to be a good idea." 

2. The kid who's your favorite but also the worst

    Disclaimer: having favorites is bad. But we always end up with a soft spot for the kid who is constantly getting into trouble.

3. The hot parents who are #goals

    Admit it: there's that particular family who makes you reconsider your life choices up to that point and wonder if you should answer a call to the field.

4. The kid who already knows everything you're about to teach him. 

    "Can anyone guess what TCK stands for?"

    "A third culture kid is someone who has spent all or part of their formative years in a country outside that of their parents." 

    OK, class dismissed.

5. Professor Pineapple

    Honestly, Professor Pineapple is a little sketchy; muddled accent, gender fluid, Minion glasses, rainbow hair? Hmmm. We love him/her anyway. 

6. The parents who have no idea where their kids are.

    As opposed to helicopter parents, these TCK parents are likely to not worry whatsoever about where their kids are at any given moment, as long as they're not being eaten by a shark.

7. The Kaleider who's the good cop

    Someone always has to keep the kids on track, and in this person's case, it's always someone else. This Kaleider is the "cool" Kaleider. They're not like the other Kaleiders.

8. Jesus, LOL. ^_^