To My Little Girl

To my sweet, precious, little girl:

At a mere four years old, we’ve lived in four different states and moved into about 10 different homes. Your resilience and ease amaze me. You never complain and are always eager to get on an airplane or hop in the car for a long drive. You’ve walked with me through some of my biggest life challenges. You’ve held my hand in my life’s biggest victories. You’ve helped me to be more patient, to be more sensitive, and to love with gentleness. Without even understanding the whole picture, you love exactly like Jesus does. I am taken aback by how, at such a young age, you’ve experienced so much, and how you’re not fazed by anything that is difficult.

You left your favorite stuffed animal at “the Army house”, and your painting supplies at Grandma and Grandpa’s old house, but you don’t mind. It never matters to you where we are as long as you are tucked in at night and given little eskimo kisses. You have made friendships that lasted an afternoon, but somehow you remember all of their names. You remember details and cherish memories that such a young mind wouldn’t normally retain. You’ve adopted resilience as a part of who you are, and I admire you so much for it.

I’m intrigued by you, sweet girl. I long to understand you and your little life more. I want the tools to understand your brain, and our experiences from your eyes. This is how my heart found Kaleidoscope. I will learn about other kids who have resilience as a part of their DNA, I will understand their hearts, so that I can better see yours.

I am in love with being your mommy, and I adore our time together. Thank you for your grit and your forgiveness and your precious love.


Your Mama